Millennials love a perfect selfie or a fab insta-moment and they feel pressure to look good all the time. Social media has truly become one of this generation's favorite pastimes, and with gorgeous faces gracing the cover of seemingly every magazine and every website, it’s no wonder that more and more Millennials are finding themselves in the offices of facial plastic surgeons, like Doctor Jean-Paul Azzi.

With the advancement of new procedures and tools, changing your appearance is easier now than it has ever been before.  Gone are the days of extensive planning for cosmetic surgery.  There are now alternatives to full facelifts with far less downtime and immediate results.  The term “cosmetic procedure” is no longer indicative of general anesthesia, surgery centers, and and going under the knife, but could be as simple as v...

While Botox is one of the most well-known injectables, most patients have no idea what it actually is.  Before going under any needle, it is recommended by all board-certified facial plastic surgeons that the patient fully understands what it is that they’re requesting.

Have you been thinking about doing a little something for yourself in the New Year?

Plastic Surgery practices frequently see a surge in men and women seeking treatments and procedures at the beginning of the year…and for good reason! We all have New Year’s Resolutions to better ourselves by working out, eating healthy, quitting smoking etc, but why stop there? Why not make a resolution to look younger? Make the new year YOUR year...

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