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Skincare for Men: A Basic Regimen That Every Man Should Follow

If men took care of their skin half as well as they take care of their cars, they’d be doing themselves a huge favor. Men often think that skin care is something that only women should obsess over, and quite frankly, men feel they have more important things to do - like tinker with their electronics or watch Die Hard. Sound like you or someone you know?

Dr. Azzi at The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery regularly sees men who are unhappy with their skin (especially as their skin ages), but they confess they’ve never taken care of it – and even if they wanted to, they don’t really know how.

We are here to teach you proper skincare techniques that are simple and quick. These tips apply to men of all ages and all skin types. We especially encourage young men to start a skincare regimen. Don’t wait until your skin looks like leather to start caring about it. More importantly, if you start caring for your skin now, you can help protect yourself from skin cancer and other serious conditions later in life.

Below, we’ve outlined a simple skin care regimen. This is a good place to start.

  • Wash your face every day, morning and night, with a fragrance-free, water-soluble cleanser.

  • Following the cleanser with a toner can help clean out your pores and reduce excess oil.

  • Exfoliate before shaving to reduce bumps and breakouts. Do not exfoliate after shaving. You should do this one to two times per week.

  • When you shave, shave with the grain with short, level strokes. A lot of men think that shaving against the grain is the best technique; however, it increases your chances for ingrown hairs.

  • Don’t rush shaving. Giving yourself two or three extra minutes can help you avoid razor burn or cuts. For the closest, smoothest shave, use a lather of fragrance-free shaving cream applied by a brush. Follow up with an irritant-free after shave.

  • After shaving, apply a moisturizer to your face and neck (this is important!). Use a moisturizer each morning and night so your skin does not get dried out. Seriously guys, don’t skin this step.

  • In the morning, you should apply a moisturizer that contains sunscreen (or use a separate sunscreen after your moisturizer). A minimum of SPF 30 is recommended. Even if you’re going to the office, UV rays still creep through your office windows and car windows. You probably have a few long-term investments – and your skin should be one of them!

If you’re not satisfied with your skin, whether it’s wrinkles, texture or sagging, The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery offers a variety of treatment options from facelift procedures to facial fillers to the increasingly popular natural fat transfers. We also offer skin resurfacing options such as dermabrasion, chemical peeling and laser resurfacing.

Guys, these treatments aren’t just for women. We have plenty of male patients who have come to us desiring a stronger jawline, reduced wrinkles, and a more rested appearance.

Don’t know which treatment would be best for you? We’d love to talk to you about your skin concerns. Dr. Azzi offers free consultations at his Jupiter and Palm City locations to discuss recommended treatment options. Call The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery at (561) 429-5403 or contact us here.

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