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How to Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon

How to Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon

While not all cosmetic procedures involve going “under the knife,” choosing the right plastic surgeon could be the difference between a youthful, refreshed look and the dreaded “deer in the headlights, frozen face” look. Choosing a facial plastic surgeon is an extremely important decision since many procedures produce results that last the rest of a lifetime. Ending up in the hands of someone inexperienced could cost you big time.


Before even considering a cosmetic surgeon, make sure your options are board certified. You cannot just depend on state medical boards to ensure a doctor is qualified to perform a certain procedure. The government does not require a surgeon to be specifically trained in the procedures they offer. Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon.


Next, make sure the surgeon you’re considering is experienced. Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi always says “trust your face to a specialist,” and for good reason. Each area of plastic surgery requires a different skillset, so make sure your choice has a substantial amount of experience in the procedure you’re considering.


Aesthetics are also extremely important. Just because one person finds beauty in certain features doesn’t mean you will. Word of mouth is one of the best sources for this type of research. Try to find before and after images and pay closer attention to patients who have similar before features to you. Keep an eye out for consistency and read about the surgeon online.


Bedside manner is something to look out for as well. Most offices offer consultations prior to committing to any kind of procedure. Consider how you feel at the office and how the staff treats you. Ultimately, you should feel 100% comfortable in order to feel 100% confident with your decision to move forward. Customer service definitely matters, so make sure you’re being treated in a way that you want to be treated.


At the end of the day, your gut instinct is going to be the most important telltale sign. If something about the environment makes you uncomfortable, consider running for the hills.


If you would like to learn more about the procedures and offices the Palm Beach Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery have to offer, please contact us here. Chat with Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi, tour our South Florida offices, or just stop by to feel out the environment and talk to the staff. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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