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Chin Augmentation

At The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery we believe that every detail and every element of facial form is important and interconnected. Dr. Azzi tailors each mentoplasty, or chin augmentation, procedure to fit the form and contours of the face taking into account any concurrent treatments and expected changes to the face over time.


If chin augmentation is discussed at your consultation, Dr. Azzi will explain the types of implants available and what each achieves. Many times this procedure acts as a complement to related procedures. It is most often an adjunct to rhinoplasty (nose job) or facelift, but can be combined with most rejuvenating procedures or performed on its own.

“Chin augmentation is quickly becoming one of the most popular procedures I perform. Maybe it’s because of all the great new implants that are available? Maybe patients are becoming more sophisticated? Maybe both? The interesting thing is that most people don’t specifically come for a consultation for their chin. In general, they dislike the overall proportions of their facial features, but cannot pinpoint all the contributing factors.” – Dr. Azzi

Chin Augmentation

Jupiter / Palm Beach Florida

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