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revision eyelid lift palm beach

Revision Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift)

Jupiter & Palm Beach, Florida 

Secondary surgery of the eyelids can be very challenging and fraught with complications. These eyelid lifts or blepharoplasty procedures require very specialized training. 


Jean-Paul Azzi, MD is a double board-certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon who specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face. He has two offices in South Florida including his Palm Beach County location that is convenient for patient-travel from all over the country.


"There are generally two reasons people seek revision blepharoplasty (eyelid lifts). The first is because too little was removed or tailored during the original blepharoplasty procedure. Sometimes this is from simply not removing enough aging eyelid tissue or skin and other times it can be from a plastic surgeon performing an improper combination of procedures. One example is a patient with a low brow having only a blepharoplasty when a browlift alone or in conjunction with a blepharoplasty would be more appropriate for their aging face needs. The second reason is when too much is removed during an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty. This is especially troublesome when it is overdone on a lower blepharoplasty. " - Dr. Azzi


Under correction of the eyelids during primary blepharoplasty is generally more simple to correct. This revision eyelid lift procedure is typically done with a quick and painless office procedure where the excess tissue is removed or the brow re-positioned to a more cosmetically appropriate location.

Often times for lower blepharoplasty Dr. Azzi will not remove fat, as volume is good for aging, but instead, reposition the fat and lift the cheeks with a mini mid-facelift.

Sometimes a patient will present with a tired appearance after blepharoplasty at another plastic surgeon's office. This is often due to a ptotic or low brow position. Dr. Azzi evaluates each patient individually and chooses the appropriate browlifting technique. Often this an endoscopic browlift where small incisions are made in the hairline and an endoscope is used to assist in elevating the brow to a higher position, therefore rejuvenating the entire upper 1/3 of the face.


The most common problem addressed during revision lower blepharoplasty is ectropion. This is where the lower eyelid gets pulled down. There are a number of ways that this lower eyelid can be lifted and improved cosmetically, and Dr. Azzi evaluates and discusses the options with each patient he consults with.


Eyelid lifting or blepharoplasty surgery is very delicate and patients should only trust their faces to a specialist. People travel from all over the country to South Florida to see Jean-Paul Azzi, MD. He is considered one of the best cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgeons in the country and is sought out not only for his expertise in facial plastic surgery but also for his fantastic bedside manner. 

We invite you to come in for a revision blepharoplasty consultation with Dr. Azzi. He will take time to understand your goals, explain what he intends to achieve and how he plans to achieve it. Contact us below to schedule a consultation.

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