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Revision Browlift

Jupiter & Palm Beach, Florida 

Sub-specialists like double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Jean-Paul Azzi, MD often have to address complicated issues like revising a browlift. Revision browlift or secondary browlift can be necessary for a number of reasons.


The most common reason is the natural drooping or ptosis of the brow with aging. This is a natural process and part of aging.


As the brow gets lower, oftentimes it will cause the eyelids to also look aged. This can result in improperly performed blepharoplasty when browlift surgery is more appropriate.


I often perform browlifts and blepharoplasties in conjunction with each other - the brow being the 'frame around the painting.'" - Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi

Another reason a patient may require revision browlift is that the brow has either been elevated too much, elevated in the wrong places or the hairline has been elevated. All of these problems can be solved with revision browlift. Sometimes the over-elevation of the brow is the result of a too aggressive lift. This can result in an unnatural appearance. Dr. Azzi has techniques that alleviate this overzealous browlift. A brow that has been elevated in the wrong places during browlift (centrally) can result in a "surprised" look. This can be very troubling to the patient who has recently undergone a browlift. Correction of this brow position issue typically requires careful planning and measurements to elevate the outsides of the brow and lower the middle portion of the brow for a more natural browlift result.

beautiful african american woman with hair pulled back looking at camera

Finally, if the hairline is elevated during a browlift it can make a patient look actually older and more aged. This is typically from a plastic surgeon choosing to perform an endoscopic browlift when another technique is more warranted. A facial plastic surgeon such as Jean-Paul Azzi, MD always evaluates the brow and all other aspects of the face before choosing any procedure and before choosing the technique for the cosmetic procedure or surgery. Thankfully, there are ways to address this elevated hairline.

Hairline Lowering Procedure / Reverse Browlift

The hairline lowering reverse browlift is a very specialized procedure requiring sub-specialty training and expertise in cosmetic facial surgery. Dr. Azzi has extensive experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the forehead and scalp, and he uses this experience to lower a patient's hairline and reverse or revise a brow lift.


Using a hidden incision and special facial plastic surgery suturing techniques, Dr. Azzi is able to mobilize the hair-bearing portion of the brow (forehead) and scalp and bring it forward allowing the browlift to be placed in a more desirable position. This creates a much more natural appearance and can be done in the office without general anesthesia.

We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi for a Revision Brow lift or Reverse Brow Lift. He will take time to understand your goals, explain what he intends to achieve and how he plans to achieve it. 

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