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Fat Grafting

Fat Transfer

Jupiter / Palm Beach Florida

“I love combining multi-plane, micro-droplet fat grafting as an adjunct to other procedures I perform to counter the effects of gravity, such as a facelift or mid-facelift. It is a great way to address two of the three elements of aging in one sitting.” – Dr. Azzi

Of all the injectable fillers we use at The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery, fat is the most permanent. Dr. Azzi uses a special technique he developed while practicing in Manhattan called multi-plane, micro-droplet fat grafting. This maximizes the percentage of fat transferred from the abdomen to the face that “takes” permanently.


Fat and other injectable fillers address a critical, yet often overlooked element of Dr. Azzi’s “triad of aging” – volume loss. Over time people lose volume in their faces. This can cause one to have a “gaunt” or “drawn” look. In addition to facial volume loss, recent studies of CT scans have shown that over time the maxillary or “cheek” bone actually regresses. This is a major contributor to the look of sunken or hollowed eyes, deep nasolabial folds (lines or parenthesis around the mouth) and overall premature aging.

“I try to explain to every patient how each element of the triad of aging contributes to their overall appearance. This way we can form a plan to attack the aging process from all fronts.” – Dr. Azzi
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