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Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation

Jupiter / Palm Beach Florida

Many surgeons and dermatologists are advertising their versions of “stem cell facelifts.” These treatments are becoming more and more popular and patients want more information.


Dr. Azzi performs this procedure by using a small canula to extract fat cells from a patient’s abdomen using a hidden access point. These cells are then processed to isolate the essential components before being injected into deficient areas of the face improving volume, contour and the appearance of the skin.









During your consultation with Dr. Azzi he will listen and understand your concerns, and then explain his recommendations.


Trust your face to a specialist.

“I answer questions about stem cells at least a few times every month. People often want a facelift with these injections. Remember, there are three components to my triad of aging. Injection of stem cells will help treat two of those – volume loss and texture changes. To address gravity there is no great substitute for a lift.”  – Dr. Azzi
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