Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi can help you turn back the hands of time in the most natural looking way possible.  Here are just a few ways he can help.

Dr. Azzi specializes exclusively in procedures of the face, nose, and neck. Patients rave about his deep plane face lift. Here's why...

Many people who have stretched their ears with gauges are ready to go back to "normal" earlobes. Earlobe repair surgery effectively “reverses” the effects of ear stretching. Find out more...

Since the skin on the neck is so dramatically different from skin on the rest of the body, it needs to be treated differently. Here's how to keep your neck looking young.

Year after year there are more and more deaths reported in Florida’s cosmetic surgery clinics, but the state has officially had enough.  State lawmakers recently approved sweeping legislation that calls for some of the nation’s strictest controls the plastic surgery industry has ever seen. This new law, if it makes it past the next step, would allow the state of Florida to punish plastic surgery facilities deemed dangerous and...

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the number of cosmetic procedures performed on men rose almost 30 percent from 2000 – 2017.  When it comes to injectables, there was just shy of 100% growth in the same time period. It was also reported that in 2018 alone, 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men.

When we want to add a little plump to our pout, most of us automatically think: fillers. Sure, you can get great results with injectables, but there is another great solution. It's called a lip lift, and the best part? The results are permanent!

Americans spent over $16.5 billion on cosmetic plastic surgery and minimally invasive procedures last year, equating to a four percent increase year over year. Find out which procedures were most popular.

Instead of using general anesthesia, Dr. Azzi prefers that his patients remain awake during cosmetic procedures like facelifts, eye lid lifts, lip lifts and more. Find out more about being awake during facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Azzi is extremely particular about what products and brands he uses on patients. When asked which neuromodulator he prefers, his answer is generally Xeomin. Here's why.

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