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Handsome man looking at camera and touching chin


Submental Liposuction

Jupiter / Palm Beach Florida

“Submental liposuction is one of my favorite procedures to offer patients. In the right candidate I will perform it alone, but often times I will use it as part of a multi-modality approach to treating the aging neck.” – Dr. Azzi

Stubborn fat under the chin can be frustrating. It is unattractive and difficult to shed with diet and exercise. Dr. Azzi is an expert in removing this facial fat, refining the jaw line and decreasing the appearance of jowls. Instead of discarding the fat, a valuable commodity, Dr. Azzi routinely isolates the valuable components from the fat molecules and reimplants them strategically into the face. This not only combats facial volume loss – part of Dr. Azzi’s triad of aging – but also rejuvenates the appearance of the face secondary to stem cell implantation. 

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