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"After extensive research, I ended up finding Dr. Azzi on Google, I have been looking for a specific procedure for many years and Dr. Azzi was the only one in South Florida with the expertise to have it done under local anesthesia. He offered a virtual consultation in which he completely understood my concern, he told me how he would approach my issue and explained the possible outcomes, I told him that I wanted an extremely discreet outcome and that’s exactly what I got. I drove all the way from Miami to Jupiter for my procedure and it was 1000% worth it. After that I’ve come back for a couple of additional things and he always delivers consistently great results. I have recommended him to family and friends to address their concerns. If you’re looking for an experienced, professional, ethical, friendly and skilled doctor, look no more. Bonus: He’s also double board certified. You ask, he delivers."



"I look fabulous! I am frequently complimented on how youthful and beautiful I look. And that is thanks to Dr. Azzi. He is an artist and has the ability to see the beauty in his patients. AND he is also a skilled and technical surgeon that can then execute that vision. He is an innovator of cutting-edge surgical procedures and techniques that make his results NATURAL and effective, with little discomfort and little downtime. Dr. Azzi has a wonderful bedside manner. Every experience I have had with him and his staff has been highly professional and enjoyable. I have never been more pleased with the way I look."

-Kee Kee


ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Can't recommend Dr. Azzi enough, seriously. He changed my entire life. I went to doctors in Miami, Broward, and I am so happy my mom said "let's check out this doctor in Jupiter." I went to 5 top-rated doctors before Dr. Azzi and during/after my initial visit my mother and I both knew he was the right doctor for me. He is calm, friendly, and very straightforward, doesn't feel like a sales pitch, because it's not. I went in there knowing what I wanted, a nose that I was not self-conscious about, he told me he was going to give me "the nose I should've been born with" and that's exactly what he did. Every time I go for my follow-ups I tell him 'thank you for changing my life.' He chuckles but he really, really did.  My recovery was incredible, was out for my Fiancé's birthday dinner 4 days post-op. Katherine, Dr. Azzi's nurse, the surgery center anesthesiologists and nurses that Dr. Azzi works with, honestly every aspect of care was 5 stars. I hope this review helps those who are nervous about going through with a surgery, as I was but I trusted my intuition and I am so thankful I did. There's literally nothing I would change about my nose now.”


"I have been seeing Dr. Azzi for over a year. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by exceptionally pleasant staff who made me feel comfortable right from the start. Wait time is very short and Dr. Azzi is very personable and remembers each of his patients. He is incredible in his craft while simultaneously making sure you are comfortable and understand the procedure. I have referred several friends to him who also have had wonderful experiences. I am always so happy with my results and will continue to see Dr. Azzi."



"As a skincare professional, my clients place a great deal of trust in me and I take that very seriously. Every single client that I have referred to Dr. Azzi, for various deep-plane procedures, is extremely happy with their results. I must say, I was also VERY impressed with each of their results. The best part is that they all look like themselves just refreshed, not “pulled tight” or “plastic”. If you are considering ANY type of facial plastic surgery/procedure, I highly recommend you consult with Dr. Azzi. I’d be willing to bet that you’ll end up selecting him!! After all, it IS your FACE!

PS: the office staff is friendly, professional, and efficient."



"I highly recommend Dr. Azzi for any facial procedure. His staff goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. From the first visit, I felt completely confident in my decision to have Dr. Azzi perform my face and eye lift. He was extremely thorough when he explained the details of the procedure, expected outcome, and after surgery care. Dr. Azzi is gentle, kind and very skilled. I am beyond thrilled with the outcome of my procedure."




I am currently eight weeks post-op and Dr. Azzi has taken 10 years off my face. The look is so natural that not one person has asked if I had surgery, but rather I get told time and time again how amazing I look for my age and if I have lost weight. My girlfriend’s results were incredible and natural looking as well. Dr. Azzi is a caring, skilled, and compassionate surgeon whom I would trust to work on any loved one of mine. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Dr. Azzi for any facial plastic surgery needs."

-Karen L.


“At age 60, I went to Dr. Azzi for a lip lift and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Azzi took the time to listen to me during the consultation, as well as explain the procedure. He gave me exactly what I was hoping for, a more youthful and attractively shaped upper lip with the perfect amount of upper tooth show. It has only been a month and the thin scar is very well hidden under my nose. Dr. Azzi is a talented and experienced surgeon and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I love my new look!



"Five weeks ago I had a deep-plane facelift and neck lift performed by the superbly skilled and talented facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jean Paul Azzi, and I'm am over-the-moon happy with the beautiful natural-looking results. As Dr. Azzi had previously stitched my face after a MOHS procedure, I knew he was the surgeon I would choose for this very important task. I was also impressed with his honesty about what I needed done surgery-wise and what I did not need done. I followed Dr. Azzi's postop instructions and the healing process has been quick and painless. A little soreness at incision site which shortly subsided. Two weeks after the surgery I went out to dinner with my husband and friends and was mostly back to my normal routine. Most importantly of all was that this cutting-edge procedure was done without General Anesthesia (which in the past made me very sick and nauseous). Dr. Azzi used numbing agents plus a little valium and I drifted off into a pleasant twilight sleep after which I awoke to a younger (and prettier) version of myself. Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention his lovely office and gracious accommodating staff. Thank you, Dr. Azzi!"


"I had been contemplating revision rhinoplasty for quite some time, and began my search for a facial plastic surgeon that could address my challenging case. I was extremely cautious about choosing the right surgeon to perform the procedure.... revision rhinoplasty is an extremely specialized procedure in which the surgeon needs to have impeccable skill, knowledge, and experience to achieve an optimal result. Being in the surgical medical field myself, I had seen Dr. Azzi’s work and incredible results first hand. I looked to none other than him to perform my corrective surgery. Dr. Azzi reassured me, explained in detail what would be involved in the procedure, and was confident we could achieve my ideal result.... he was absolutely correct.... I could not be happier with my result, and my recovery was far less involved than I anticipated! I am so grateful to Dr. Azzi and his staff for their compassionate care and guidance throughout the process, and for an incredible result that has improved my quality of life!!! It is with utmost confidence that I recommend Dr. Azzi for any facial plastic surgical procedures you may be considering!!"


"Dr. Azzi is the absolute best! He's an incredibly gifted doctor who also takes the time to listen to patient's concerns. His gentle bedside manor is an excellent complement to years of specialized experience, and his superb attention to detail produces the most natural, fresh-looking, beautiful results."


Thank you again, Dr. Azzi, for amazing results. My filler is perfect! I'm always highly pleased and grateful for the precision skills of Dr. Azzi. I always feel amazing and natural when I leave. I never have to worry. Dr. Azzi always is honest and does the best beautiful work. I would definitely always recommend him to anyone. If you are uneasy about fillers, you should visit Dr. Azzi. He is knowledgeable and explains everything. The BEST surgeon you will ever find."


I lived with a nose I hated since breaking it as a child. I was extremely nervous picking a surgeon, worried that I wouldn’t be happy. Dr. Azzi eased all my fears at my consultation. He has remarkable bedside manner and is an extremely skilled facial plastic surgeon. His office staff was very helpful and lovely to work with. My only regret is waiting so long to have this surgery! I am beyond grateful and would highly recommend him for any and all facial needs!"


“Dr Azzi is absolutely amazing. He is very meticulous and compassionate about his work. I’m 110% happy with him and his work a I will continue to see him.”


“Dr. Azzi needed to stitch my face after my dermatologist removed a growth. He was very clear about the process, showing me a picture of the incision and explaining how he would pull the skin. He was gentle and low-key. An excellent experience.


Dr. Azzi made me look 10yrs younger. I am 57 yrs old and I recently underwent a deep plane lower face and neck lift. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself and Dr. Azzi is the best surgeon you could ever have. The procedure was calm and relaxing. I was home that afternoon in bed watching TV with a bowl of chocolate ice cream. I was back to work within two weeks. Dr. Azzi and his staff are top notch and I would never consider going anywhere else. Love you guys!”


“It was only 3 weeks ago that Dr Azzi performed a deep plane facelift and lower blepharoplasty on me. I literally am ecstatic with the results. I never would have guessed at the end of 3 weeks I would be completely healed with no bruising. Dr. Azzi and his entire staff are so caring. His skill and expertise is beyond any I know. You won"t be disappointed.”


“Many thanks to Dr. Azzi for his expert care following my Moh’s surgery. I am very pleased with the results. Highly recommend Dr. Azzi and his staff.”


“Dr. Azzi is a very skilled doctor with terrific bedside manner, along with his nurses. He made a quarter-size hole in my eyelid disappear.”


I can’t say enough about Dr Azzi and his staff. From consult to follow-up, they answered any and all questions fully and without jargon. They accommodated my schedule for every appointment. Most of all, I want to thank Dr Azzi for his artistry in erasing years from my face, with subtlety and without the downtime and recovery needed when using a general anesthetic. He is personable, knowledgeable, and gentle. I have referred friends here and they have had the same expert care.”


"I just left my dermatologist’s office and had to share her remarks. She is very discerning when it comes to plastic surgeons and told me she only recommends a couple of doctors in the area. Then she got a look at me (at only 5 weeks post-surgery). She said she has never seen such good work in her 25-year career! I was so pleased as I know she has always been a straight shooter and I have always valued her opinion. She is also considering having some work done and was absolutely stunned when I told her you performed all my procedures in your office. I believe when she is ready, you will certainly be the physician she contacts. Thanks for taking such great care with me!”


“Dr. Azzi is wonderful, I highly recommend him. If you are looking for any type of anti-aging procedure with a beautiful and natural result, he is the best in Palm Beach and Martin County! His staff is also amazing, five stars all the way!


“The minute I walked into this office, I felt a very inviting professional atmosphere. It is refreshing to be in an office where punctuality and bedside manner are practiced. During our visit, Dr. Azzi listened to my concerns and advised me of the different options available. Dr. Azzi and his staff are very kind, considerate, and consistent. I would highly recommend this office!”


“If you want your face to look natural and refreshed, then Dr. Azzi is the plastic surgeon for you. Dr. Azzi has an eye for symmetry and sees the beauty in all of his patients. His stitching technique is truly a work of art and his attention to detail is unparalleled. While he is thorough in explaining the procedure, he also makes sure your expectations are met and that you feel comfortable. The staff at The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic & Laser surgery are not only professional but friendly and make you feel very welcome from the first call for a consultation, to the hello at the receptionists to your post-op check ups. I recently moved out of state and have no desire to find a doctor in my area because I know where the best is, and that is right in Jupiter with Dr. Azzi!”


“Was referred here by a friend and wow, best experience ever. Clean office, no wait, and the staff were very courteous and attentive. Dr. Azzi is very professional, confident in his treatment and had great bedside manner, offered a simple solution to something that my wife had lost a lot of sleep over. Thank you to Dr. Azzi and his team for providing a fantastic experience.”


I am so pleased with Dr. Azzi’s work! He is an incredible surgeon. He makes you feel so relaxed and confident in his abilities. He has a lovely and caring personality to boot. You won’t be disappointed!


“It was 6 weeks ago when I had deep plane face and neck lift and I couldn’t be more happy with my results. After much research and consultations, Dr. Azzi was the best choice for me. Dr. Azzi is talented, and knowledgeable in the latest advanced procedures, very professional and easy to talk to. He never tried to sell me unnecessary other procedures and was honest about what needed to be done, and for that I'm very thankful. His pleasant demeanor and confidence made me feel right away I’m in the right hands. The procedure went smoothly and painless and the aftercare was incredible. Dr. Azzi saw me the day after and answered any questions and concerns I had. Stitches looked great and at 3 weeks you could hardly see any scar. I want to thank Katherine, his incredible nurse that put me at ease and was always there to answer questions and help with my healing. Thanks to the nice office staff that always welcome you with a smile. Dr. Azzi you are a master of your craft and again thank you for my beautiful results.


I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Azzi and his staff! My experience with him was easy, painless and the results were great. Dr. Azzi is honest and has a great demeanor. He will spend time and does not rush through your appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Azzi for any and all of your facial beauty needs, you won't be disappointed!”


“After my dermatologist had performed a MOHS procedure on my left nostril, I never thought my nose was going to look the same, much less normal as I was left with a deep hole the size of a black bean after the initial procedure. However, my dermatologist suggested and coordinated plastic surgery repair with Dr. Azzi the same day; Dr. Azzi's work was so impeccable that no one can believe I've ever had anything done. Dr. Azzi is kind, professional, and highly skilled. His office is well managed, as well as aesthetically pleasing. He turned a nightmare into a positive experience.


“Dr. Azzi restored my face after major Mohs surgery, he's the best!”


I am very happy with Dr. Azzis work. I loved having things explained to me so I understood them and what to do afterwards for the best results. I love that there's 2 separate offices as I live in Stuart and can go to Jupiter or Palm City. I go to a Hair Salon where quite a few of the women have been to Dr. Azzi and recommended him. Every one of them are very happy with their results. The office staff is lovely and professional.”


“Dr. Azzi is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who delivers remarkable results. I am 3 weeks post-op rhinoplasty and I’m beyond thrilled with my results! He gave me a nose that looks like I was born with! Along with being a master at his craft, he’s very personable. The moment he walks through the door he makes you feel comfortable. His staff who are very helpful are equally warm and welcoming when you walk through the door. We are so lucky to have Dr. Azzi and his staff in South Florida!”


“Dr Azzi is amazing! Skilled, great bedside manner and just overall great experience with my surgery. Reasonable prices. Staff is super nice and never a long wait for appts. Highly recommend!”


“Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi and his entire staff are wonderful to work with. From my first meeting for my consult through to my post-op follow-ups Dr. Azzi was professional, personable and caring. At the consult, Dr. Azzi addressed all my concerns and patiently answered my many, many questions. At no time did I feel like I was being pressured to make a decision. After meeting with other doctors I have to say Dr. Azzi and his staff were like a breath of fresh air and to my amazement ....affordable! I was very nervous about doing any kind of cosmetic surgery, but I have to say this was the best experience and I am so happy I put my trust in Dr Azzi. I was awake during the procedure, I had minimal discomfort and healed up very quickly. In the days following, Dr. Azzi's assistant was always available for any questions or concerns. The best part is my results are phenomenal! I look like myself just fresher and 10yrs younger (at least). Dr Azzi is a skilled and meticulous surgeon... my husband can't even find my scars just 8wks later. I highly recommend Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi and The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery. I could not be happier with the entire experience and my results.”


“This is my 2nd procedure with Dr. Azzi. I am very happy with the results. I heal slower than the "normal" patient. Dr. Azzi observed me every week. He made sure I was healing well with no complications. Love my new look. Dr. Azzi is a true talent with a great bedside manner!”


“I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Azzi and his staff after having a derm procedure at another facility. I was sent to Dr. Azzi for a wound closure. I could not be any happier with the treatment that Dr. Azzi provided. The closure was done with amazing skill with wonderful outcome. Thank you Dr. Azzi and your fantastic staff.”


The best of the best. He takes time to explain everything to you, never makes you feel rushed. He is so detailed and precise and gives you exactly what you're looking for! I used to fly from Palm Beach to New York for my fillers but no more. So glad I found this superstar!


I absolutely love Dr. Azzi! Everything he has done for me has been wonderful. He even turns me down when my request is too ridiculous and something I don't need. Something I would regret. I depend on him and trust him 100%! GO SEE HIM!!!!!!!


“Dr. Azzi did my rhinoplasty. After struggling with a deviated septum, sinus infections and a drooping tip my whole life, I decided it was time. He put me at ease after our first consult. My nose looks so natural to my face now. He really did a beautiful job and I wouldn’t change anything about it! He truly is an artist. Thank you so much!”





“A HIGHLY SKILLED EXPERT IN FACIAL PLASTICS!! Dr. Azzi is most definitely at the top of his field in technique and expertise. As a skincare professional, my clients place a great deal of trust in me and I take that very seriously. Every single client that I have referred to Dr. Azzi, for various deep-plane procedures, is extremely happy with their results. I must say, I was also VERY impressed with each of their results. The best part is that they all look like themselves, just refreshed, not “pulled tight” or “plastic.” If you are considering ANY type of facial plastic surgery/procedure, I highly recommend you consult with Dr. Azzi. I’d be willing to bet that you’ll end up selecting him!! After all, it IS your FACE! PS: the office staff is friendly, professional and efficient.

“Dr. Azzi is so terrific!! And the office staff is wonderful.
What a super practice to go to!! Loved every moment!!”


“Dr. Azzi has now stitched up 2 VERY large areas on my forehead, where I had skin cancers removed, and one on my chest. The incisions on my forehead were huge and I looked like Frankenstein; but Dr. Azzi's work was amazing. You can barely see the areas that he stitched back together. He's the best; I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Azzi!! He knows what he's doing!


“Last year I made some lifestyle changes that resulted in a decent amount of weight loss. However, I was unhappy with my remaining double chin. After much research and recommendations from friends and family, I consulted with Dr Azzi. He recommended chin/neck liposuction. He has an amazing beside manner and I would describe his approach as conservative but effective. I had the procedure in late October and saw results immediately. He is able to skillfully perform the liposuction with local anesthetic and I had very limited bruising. It’s now been 3 months and the results are dramatic. I have a jawline again and no longer notice the extra fat in the mirror or in pictures. I highly recommend Dr. Azzi and The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic and Laser surgery.”


“Being naturally apprehensive of having any surgical procedures, a recommendation to the extremely talented and kind Dr. Azzi was precisely what I needed to feel at ease. Not only is he the very best in the field of facial plastics, but his intuitive understanding of the look I was trying to achieve was remarkable. To top it off, his office staff is courteous and caring which made for a very pleasant experience. Have recommended Dr. Azzi to all my family and friends!”


“Dr. Azzi is wonderful. He is skilled, compassionate and very professional. I had work done and was healed in days with marvelous results. I highly recommend Dr. Azzi.”


“I was fortunate to have Dr.Azzi after my MOHS surgery. He is a masterful surgeon. He and his staff are very professional and accommodating. I would highly recommend Dr. Azzi.”


“Dr. Azzi is fantastic! I recently moved down to Palm Beach County and the minute I walked into Dr. Azzi's office I knew I was in good hands. Not only is he one of the nicest people you'll meet, he listens to what you are saying and offers advice. I totally trust Dr. Azzi and I love the results of his work! I won't go anywhere else. Additionally, the staff at all of the offices are so kind.”


“I had Mohs surgery and Dr Azzi closed the wound. He did an amazing job and you cannot see any scar at all. I would recommend him highly.”


“Dr. Azzi is amazing. He is, by far, the best plastic surgeon I have met. In the past, I had three separate unsuccessful procedures performed in Northern VA, leaving me with the idea that 'this' was just not going to work for me. After sharing my tales of woe with my dermatologist, she suggested Dr. Azzi. 'He works wonders; give it one more try.' And I did. So happy I did; having turned 70 this week I feel Dr. Azzi has help me to change the way I feel about it!! No more tired eyes and droopy face. I am now looking forward to the next decade with a more positive attitude.”


“Dr. Azzi and his team took great care of me after I had the Mohs procedure performed on my forehead. I would highly recommend a visit to Dr. Azzi!”


Dr Azzi is a fantastic surgeon, I had skin cancer removed from the bridge of my nose approximately 6 weeks ago and practically no scar!! The entire experience from the moment I walked into the office to the follow-up has been seamless! I highly recommend Dr Azzi for any facial surgery needs!! TOP NOTCH PLACE!!!


“A doctor friend of my husband referred Dr. Azzi for the removal of skin cancer on his cheek. Dr. Azzi is professional, precise and truly skilled. I was so pleased with my husband’s outcome, I began seeing him for Botox injections and fillers. The results are a natural and refreshed appearance. Nothing is overdone. I highly recommend him and his staff is awesome.”


“Best Doc on the planet. I would travel from China to see this man. So kind calm and relaxed. So professional and can pull off the amazing!! Best there is.


Fantastic, natural results. Friendly office. Highly recommend.”


“Went in after Mohs surgery and the procedure was quick, painless and thorough. Follow up was great the doctor and staff were absolutely wonderful. Can’t even see a scar the closure, looks fabulous!”


Dr. Azzi and his staff are amazing. Whenever I need an appointment, they always work with my schedule. Top of the line professionalism.”


“I was hesitant to try any type of facial injections, I had heard Dr. Azzi was very careful and used high-quality products. I decided to make the appointment. I could not be more pleased! He made me feel at ease and the results were amazing.


“I flew into South Florida to see some friends, and Dr. Azzi was recommended. I am so pleased I will actually be taking trips here just to go to his practice. 5 stars from me!


“Dr. Azzi is absolutely amazing. He is accurate, takes his time and listens to what you want which I have found hard to find here in South Florida. His prices are more than reasonable as well. I will for sure return and refer others.”


Dr. Azzi's office staff is wonderful, which to me is very important. Christina always welcomes me with a smile and remembers my name all the time. I went in for a filler procedure and I can't believe how quickly I see the results. I am so excited that I can't wait to share my experience with my friends and family. If you're looking for a little lift, Dr. Azzi is the one to see. Very professional, honest and reasonable. Can't forget, his office is very clean. I can't wait to see what else he can do for me.”


Dr. Azzi is the sweetest, kind, knowledgeable doctor. When it comes to the face, he knows it all. I had a scar revision a year ago and some Botox and filler just recently. I’m so beyond happy with my results. The muscle in my forehead where my scar is kept pulling inward so my scar was still deep. After Dr. Azzi put a filler there, the scar is noticeably flatter. I can’t stop looking at it. It looks amazing. I’ll never go to anyone else. If you’re looking to enhance your beautiful self look no further.”


“Dr. Azzi has more than exceeded my expectations. I was originally referred to him by my dermatologist, who said that Dr. Azzi was the best plastic surgeon in the area; my dermatologist was correct. Dr. Azzi is extremely knowledgeable, his work yields fantastic results, and he has a friendly, warm bedside manner. His office staff is lovely; they are kind, punctual and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Azzi and his staff.”

-St. A

“I was petrified to put my trust in someone to alter my appearance, especially after watching television. My daughter lives in Palm Beach and had a broken nose that Dr. Azzi did a beautiful job repairing. She assured me that he was the most honest, sincere and excellent cosmetic surgeon in the state of Florida. My sister and I drove 3 hours for a consultation. It was not our first; we had both had consultations prior. This appointment was different, I scheduled on the spot and my sister called and confirmed within the week.

What was different this time? Dr. Azzi spent quality individual time with us looking in the mirror and explaining what was needed and what was not. He explained why each procedure would work, or be extremely temporary. He even told my sister that he would need to do a special procedure on the area above her upper lip. He noted that in our short encounter, she twisted her mouth repeatedly and it would take a particular procedure to provide a more lasting difference.

He is a neck and above specialist. It makes total sense to use a specialist. Two weeks have passed since my facelift. I am so excited! The first day I looked a little rough, but after a week, which is just the beginning, I hugged Dr. Azzi and told him I loved him.

The look is natural, youthful and so attractive! At 60 years of age, I had felt deflated for years. I tell the truth when I say that I made a sale 3 days after the procedures that paid for 33% of the bill. I still had swelling and bruising, but it was evidence that I am worth it! I’m not saying that he is responsible for the sale, I did all the work. What he did, was give me the hope, confidence and boost to believe in myself again!

Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. Azzi. You will see for yourself! I am not a wealthy person and this was a major expensive for me. I do not regret a nickel of it! It is a great feeling that he cared as much or more about my results than I did.


“Great office, great staff, great doctor. I’ve had two experiences with Dr. Azzi and the results of both procedures were fantastic. Highly recommended.”


“Dr. Azzi is absolutely amazing! He is caring, attentive, and honest. He will tell you if what you are looking to have done will give you the desired result you are expecting or not. He will tell you to wait and see if you feel you need more work done after a procedure rather than just doing it. I had a lip lift as well a "liquid eye lift" and both were done with perfection. I couldn't be happier with the results.


“Referred to Dr Azzi by my dermatologist after MOHS surgery. I had a large defect on my nose. The repair was awesome and the follow up has been great. Seems to take extra time and care to make sure we are both happy with the result. It was such a great experience, my wife has consult him for some cosmetic surgery.


“I've had Dr. Azzi administer Botox a few times and have been very happy with the results. My skin/face looked rejuvenated but without being obviously "Botoxed". He gave me a "mini brow lift" with the Botox that I thought was particularly natural looking. He's also very professional.”


“Dr. Azzi and his staff are exceptional. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.”


“Dr. Azzi is a fantastic doctor, surgeon and artist! His gentle and honest disposition will lead you to your best exterior you! Whether you want to tweak your looks or seek facial enhancement, Dr. Azzi is your guy. Your face is the first thing you present the world and you wouldn't want to risk anything. You can safely put your trust in him. He also uses his own processes on himself which is always a plus.”


This kind doctor exceeded my expectations in my past visits. I was diagnosed with cancer and he has made the process so much simpler and easier for me. I could not thank him enough.”


“Dr Azzi and his staff are amazing. No pain during surgery and minimal swelling after. I am so pleased with the results. I now have prominent eyelids!”


“I had mohs surgery on my nose that required a rather large skin graft. Dr. Azzi did a marvelous job on the graft! I would go back to him in a heartbeat!


Dr. Azzi is a wonderful doctor. He is so passionate about quality care.”


“Dr. Azzi and staff are always kind and listen. In addition, I have been very pleased with his work and ability to be on time for our appointments. Thank you all.”


“I am writing this for my friend Nina who was treated by you recently. She was so pleased with the way that you took care of her. She had complete confidence in you and said that you were patient and kind. She also wants to compliment your staff for being so helpful and considerate. All in all, she would give you 10 stars if it was possible. She thanks you for being such an outstanding doctor.”


“I was referred to Dr. Azzi by two of my friends. He is very knowledgeable and leans on the conservative side, which I appreciate. I felt he was honest and helpful. I'm very happy with the results!


“Dr. Azziz always takes his time, and is very personable with his patients in the room. He also does fantastic work, so absolutely trust him with whatever your needs are.”


“I had a chemical brow lift with Dr. Azzi two days ago. I am thrilled with the results. If you are considering having Botox injections or fillers, do not put your face in the hands of an aesthetician or a Physician's Assistant operating in a so-called Med-Spa associated with an absentee doctor. And don't be fooled by those "fancy" offices (plastic chandeliers, tasteless furnishings and techno-music blaring) emblazoned with the name of a surgeon who doesn't actually do the injections himself. Why trust your face to an amateur assistant? Dr. Azzi is an expert facial plastic surgeon who is clearly devoted to his craft. He is professional, patient and explains exactly what he is doing and why the locations of the injections will provide the desired results. His chemical brow lift is a modern day miracle for aging women.


“I got a non-surgical nose job with dr.azzi and it really works wonders, my bump is barely visible!


Dr. Azzi is the best. He takes the time to explain the procedure every step of the way. His office is beautiful and his staff is very pleasant and accommodating. I wouldn't go anywhere else.”


Dr. Azzi's office staff is excellent! Dr. Azzi himself is beyond fabulous, his touch is magical and no bruising. The products he chooses for different parts of your face is most important, some doctors will put only Juvederm or restylane not paying attention to which parts of your face works better with one filler or another. Dr Azzi takes his time with you, never pushes you to do anything, he wants you to have what you want and discusses all before doing anything. Dr Azzi is the the go to guy for putting your best face forward...”


Dr. Azzi is awesome!! I had Mohs surgery done on my face by my dermatologist and when I came to Dr. Azzi afterwards, he carefully evaluated the situation and I am very pleased with the results!! Would highly recommend!! :)


Always a fantastic experience. The office is beautiful, the staff is kind and treats you like family. Dr. Azzi is not only an expert when it comes to a natural look but he really listens to your concerns. He educates you by offering options whether short or long term so that you feel comfortable and can make a confident decision. He explains everything that he is doing and even prepares his products right in front of you. His approach is individualized to each patient. I have referred so many of my friends and clients because I am confident that they will have the best care and guidance with Dr. Azzi.”


Dr. Azzi is by far the best plastic surgeon I have been to. He is very knowledgable, prices are reasonable, he takes his time with you and make's sure you get done exact how you want it, the way you want it and he makes sure its done to perfection. He also explains what he's doing every step of the way. Botox, filler, lips and whatever else my wife got...perfect!! We wont go anywhere else.


“Why do we get plastic surgery? Because we want life altering results, and that's just what Dr. Azzi provides. I've never met such a professional, master surgeon who was also so warm kind caring and compassionate. You can put all your trust in him and his wonderful staff! I can't stop looking in the mirror at how much more youthful and refreshed I look, no scarring, I love myself again. Thanks a million for accepting me as a patient!”


Dr. Azzi is a miracle worker! For years, I have suffered from dark, puffy undereyes. People were constantly telling me I looked tired when in fact, I was not. I discussed my options with Dr. Azzi in his Jupiter office and opted to go with Belotero, a hyaluronic acid injectable filler. Within 5-10 minutes, Dr. Azzi had me looking and feeling like a million bucks. There was no bruising or swelling and I went right back to work afterwards. I'm thrilled with the results and even more thrilled to know such a caring and talented facial plastic surgeon in South Florida. Highly recommend!


"Dr. Azzi is not just a plastic surgeon but a true artist! I’m 3 weeks post-surgery (mini facelift, lip lift, and eyelid lift). Words cannot explain how grateful I am to him for his expertise! I was a smoker, heavy drinker and Florida sun worshipper for many years. At age 60, despite changing my habits years ago, I truly felt there was nothing that could make me feel attractive again. With a leap of faith (helped by all the time he took with me explaining the procedure and the likely outcome), I did it. He and his staff make you feel so comfortable and relaxed. I had gone to two other plastic surgeons for consultations and had been turned off by their lack of friendliness and ‘one size fits all’ approach. Not Dr. Azzi! Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


"What a fabulous office, love everything about it! Dr. Azzi is so knowledgeable and takes his time explaining and answering questions regarding treatment options. The décor is gorgeous and his staff are all so nice and very accommodating, especially when making their best effort to get you in ASAP. I highly recommend Dr. Azzi, I cannot say enough good things about him."



"I am very grateful to Dr. Azzi. Two weeks before starting law school, he helped me rid myself of eyelid drooping so I could read and see with ease. I put myself completely in his hands, and the result was incredible. He was an answer to prayer! Plus, the office staff are exceptionally nice...a complement to Dr. Azzi's very pleasant personality and gentle nature. They are all very trustworthy and conscientious. Highly recommend."



"I have been seeing Dr. Azzi for two years now to treat my tired and puffy dark eyes. His expertise not only stopped the twitching, but also raised my eye brows, making me look much younger and less fatigued. I would highly recommend Dr. Azzi for your anti-aging treatment. He worked a miracle on my eyes, and I will continue to go see him."



"I am a 48 year old female who has had heavy upper eyelids my whole life. They always somewhat bothered me. However, I became most bothered by them in the last few years with the natural signs of aging. I looked tired, eye makeup never looked good, and overall I just hated how they looked. I met Dr. Azzi by chance at a seminar in Rochester, NY where he was doing a fellowship with a well-known, world renowned facial plastic surgeon. I immediately felt a sense of trust from the second I met him. After very careful consideration, both my girlfriend and I made appointments with Dr. Azzi before he left town to open his own business. So glad I did. The surgery went perfectly.



"Dr. Azzi performed a deep plane face lift and he did an amazing job. He took years off my overall appearance while still looking natural and not like I had plastic surgery. He is easy to talk to and very very kind and understanding. His staff is also very kind and amazing. I love the whole office! Very happy and highly recommend."



Dr. Azzi and his staff are very professional and still manage that warm, at home feeling with every visit. Dr. Azzi is a perfectionist, and he manages to be so precise, with a flair for caring. He is gentle, yet results driven. He wants each patient to know the reality of their outcomes while striving to exceed those expectations. I have been a Nurse Practitioner for almost three decades. I know how to choose my surgeons wisely. I recommend Dr.Azzi without hesitation.”


“Dr. Azzi and his staff are terrific. He took excellent care of me and did a beautiful job on my lip lift. It is refreshing to have a doctor actually listen to you and discuss options with you. I’m in the medical field and highly recommend him.



"I was hesitant to try any type of facial injections, I had heard Dr. Azzi was very careful and used high-quality products. I decided to make the appointment. I could not be more pleased! He made me feel at ease and the results were amazing."


"Best doctor in the WORLD! I recommend Dr. Azzi to everyone I know, he did my eye lids absolutely no scars and he did my mother's facelift (aka younger sister now)! Now we get our Botox for maintenance and we love it! I highly recommend him, he is wonderful! Thank you, Dr. Azzi."


"Dr. Azzi is AMAZING!! You can tell he truly cares about his patients and will be completely honest with what you do and don’t need. You won’t regret going to him. I love my new cheekbones and lips!!! I will definitely be back for more! Thank you Dr. Azzi. Also, the staff is very welcoming."


"Dr. Azzi is an amazing plastic surgeon. Simply the best. In fact, I drive two hours north of my home in South Miami just to come see him for all my plastic surgical needs. I couldn't be happier with the results of my lip lift, which Dr. Azzi performed just over a year ago, and I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone looking to achieve a more attractive top lip. Most importantly though, Dr. Azzi prides himself on the very natural look of his work. As someone who does get fillers and Botox, placing a priority on not "overdoing it" is paramount. I was so concerned that I would look fake, similarly to a lot of the women I see down in the Miami area, but Dr. Azzi would never let that happen! He is more than worth the drive!"


“Dr. Azzi and his complete staff were and are amazing right from entering the office to the procedure to the follow-up. Dr. Azzi treated me like someone he knew and cared about instead of just a patient. His surgical skills are amazing. My wife, a nurse of 47 years, couldn't get over the stitching that he did and now one week out it looks great. Thank you, Dr. Azzi.”



“Dr. Azzi is a skilled and caring surgeon. He takes the time to listen to his patients and addresses their concerns. He makes you feel relaxed and not pressured. His office staff is extremely professional and friendly. I was very comfortable during the blepharoplasty procedure and had a quick and easy recovery. I am extremely pleased with the results - my eyes look very natural and not overly done. I highly recommend this practice.”


“I went to Dr. Azzi for upper eyelid surgery as well as botox and filler. He was gentle and extremely professional. My eyes look perfect and I continuously get compliments on them. With regards to injectables, it was painless and perfect as well. I had no bruising and loved my refreshed look. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a natural refreshed look to their face. The staff there are all kind and efficient. I never have to wait past my appointment time which is always a plus!!”


“I wish I could give Dr. Azzi and his staff 10 stars! I traveled from NYC to see Dr. Azzi and everyone in the office is so kind and made the experience great. I recently had a deep plane face lift and I am beyond thrilled with my results! My family and friends can't stop complimenting me and I highly recommend that anyone who is thinking of getting something cosmetically done and is looking for a fresh natural looking result, go see Dr. Azzi!”


Amazing staff and super caring, Doctor Azzi was amazing and made the experience so comfortable!”


I highly recommend Dr. Azzi! He always takes his time to make sure you are comfortable and understands the procedure. He is extremely detail-oriented and compassionate. I am always at ease and trust him fully to provide the best outcome. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!”


“The best facelift doctor in Florida. Period.”


“I saw Dr. Azzi in December for under-eye filler and was very happy with my results. I saw him today for botox with a brow lift, he was aware of my concerns from a previous injector and took the time to acknowledge my concerns. He is very kind and takes the time to know his patients. His bedside manner is A+


“Had the best experience in the office of Dr. Azzi. Everyone is welcoming and accommodating. Dr. Azzi is knowledgeable and extremely passionate about his work. I am very happy with my results. He definitely took quite a few years off my face. Thank you, Dr. Azzi and like I said before, 'please don’t leave town, I’ll be back'.”


“Dr. Azzi and his staff and extremely pleasant and professional! I never have to wait long and they are very flexible if I have changes or have questions. Highly recommend them!”


“I have been seeing Dr. Azzi for over a year. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by exceptionally pleasant staff who made me feel comfortable right from the start. Wait time is very short and Dr. Azzi is very personable and remembers each of his patients. He is incredible in his craft while simultaneously making sure you are comfortable and understand the procedure. I have referred several friends to him who also have had wonderful experiences. I am always so happy with my results and will continue to see Dr. Azzi.”


If I could leave 10 stars, I would! He is so patient and kind when explaining and makes you feel so comfortable!


Outstanding skill, attention, care and 100% excellent results. The best Medical person I know.”


I spent years searching for the right surgeon to perform my rhinoplasty. Dr. Azzi is the very best in my opinion. He put my fears at ease and the result is even better than I could have imagined. It's a good thing he's young, because I'll be trusting him with all my facial cosmetic needs moving forward.”


Very pleased. Fast and painless injection for fillers on corners of my mouth. The best results I've ever gotten. Perfect amount and location for a natural look. I will definitely be back for my lip lift.”


The most positive experience I have EVER experienced in a 'doctor' setting. Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi is a breath of fresh air and reassures you that you are in good hands. His extensive knowledge and comfort makes you feel like you're home, something we all want to feel when we are feeling down. He corrected a scar issue I had been dealing with due to my previous doctor not injecting medication properly. Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi has given me my full confidence back and it feels really good to fully trust the doctor you are in the care of. I can't repay or thank him enough for getting me out of my funk. I assure you that you will be in good hands and there isn't a problem that he can't help with. Thank you Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi!!!!”


Great experience! One of the best!!!”


A true gentleman and professional, this was my first time having a procedure (rhinoplasty) and everything went perfectly. After 3 weeks I felt like I never even had a procedure done, everything healed well and I experienced no pain after the surgery. I would confidently recommend Dr. Azzi to friends, family and anyone reading this!”


“Dr. Azzi was not only kind and well spoken but he was able to give me hope. I’m 23 and have been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy since august of 2018. I know my face will never be the same again but with Dr. Azzi I’m sure I will be able to get some self-confidence back. I’m getting married next year and the anxiety I had about having to take pictures is slowly going down. I cannot wait for my next appointment and start seeing some results. Thank you Dr. Azzi and staff for being so welcoming and kind. I don’t like talking about my Bell’s Palsy because I just get streams of water rolling down my face but I never felt pressured or insecure once while I was in his office. I’m very thankful to have found a great team of people.”


Amazing, best bedside manner. Compassionate and overall cannot recommend enough. Don’t hesitate to see him. 10/10 so happy with my choice of doctor.”


“Dr. Azzi is a very kind and caring doctor. He did such a wonderful job on my facial fillers. He's the best!”


“If you are looking for a doctor who actually cares and does AMAZING work you are going to right guy. Jean Paul Azzi makes you feel relaxed and just know you will be in the best hands. He is so pleasant and will do whatever it takes to get you confidence back. I will continue to recommend him and go to him for my needs because he is someone I can truly trust. Jean Paul Azzi thanks for being a true gem. Keep being you.”


“Dr. Azzi did a great job. He was very patient and had a wonderful bedside manner. I felt comfortable in his care and you would never know that I had stitches on my face. Highly recommend.”


“Dr. Azzi was able to close my major nose surgery on referral from an excellent MOHS doctor, Dr. Steven Shapiro. It was a real bad case of nose cancer that had to be removed by Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Azzi was to close the opening in my nose. He did an amazing job and I am deeply grateful to him for his sharing his extraordinary skills in restoring my nose. I feel so much better knowing I am generally back to normal. Thank you, Dr. Azzi.”


Dr.Azzi is a very personable and caring doctor. He is not only great surgeon but great listener to his patients. I recommended him a lot of my friends. Check out his practice!”


“Dr. Azzi is a gifted surgeon. On two occasions I had Mohs surgery, performed by dermatologists, on my nose for skin cancer removal. Both times I was referred to Dr. Azzi for the post Mohs repairs. I don't know how he does it. I was borderline hysterical, both times, when I saw what he had to work with. He was patient and reassured me that everything would be okay and it was. I highly recommend him and his staff and I can't thank him enough for his excellent care and expertise.”


“I was referred to Dr. Azzi by my mother, who has been a client of his for almost four years and has had nothing but praise for his techniques. She is in her fifties but easily looks a decade younger thanks to his expertise.”


Dr.Azzi is an angel sent from heaven. He fixed my lips after silicone caused them to end up with a disfiguring granuloma years ago. My lips are now more symmetrical & I feel beautiful & confident again. I'm definitely coming back for a lip lift when the time is right. I really appreciate his prices being so affordable. This doctor is 100% gifted in lip reconstruction!!


“I am thrilled with the result of Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi's talented hand in the rejuvenation of my face. Especially at my maturity. I look refreshed, younger and ageless. I have no scarring. I have fresh-looking perfectly smooth skin. The entire procedure took 2 hours and was done in Dr. Azzi's office in the exam room. I was conscious and comfortable the entire time which went by very quickly. Healing time was much shorter than conventional facial cosmetic surgery. I am very, very grateful to Dr, Azzi. I highly recommend him. I love, love how I look! My dermatologist is extremely impressed. This was his recommendation.”


I have found my FOREVER Doctor!! When you have an 18-year-old chatting away with you at the pool and at the end of conversation she thought you were 25 years old when your truly know, you just hit the jack pot of Facial Plastic Surgeons!! I’m still so incredibly blown away by the compliments. I did my face lift with Dr. Azzi only 2 months ago and continue to be amazed every morning on the work he did. He’s incredibly gentle, kind, attentive and knowledgeable. You can tell he has a passion for his profession and it truly shows in his work. NO ONE has a clue I did a face lift, just that I look so young! Apparently, he took 20 years off this face. And I finally feel that my soul is radiating through my smile. I couldn’t be happier and tell everyone about him. Guaranteed he will be the ONLY ONE to ever touch this face. Thank you Dr. Azzi!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!”


“I had 3 pass Mohs surgery on the very tip of my nose. I was able to see Dr. Azzi that same day and he repaired the damage and my nose looks better than it did before the Mohs. The experience was so great from the front desk, through surgery and follow up. I can't imagine going anywhere else.


“Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi is a master surgeon and a professional. I love my results - I waited a whole 2 years to do this review! He is very considerate of his patients and takes the time to solve our needs with excellence and expertise. He's awesome!”


“I was referred to Dr. Azzi by several friends who are all thrilled with their results, as am I. My only regret is that I didn't go see him sooner. He has a wonderful bedside manner and makes you feel comfortable from beginning to end. You can tell he really cares about his patients. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone that is looking for a talented doctor.”


“I recommend Dr. Azzi for any procedure. His staff is very welcoming and Dr. Azzi has a great bedside manner and makes you feel comfortable from the minute you walk in his office.”


My experience with Dr. Azzi was exceptional. From beginning to end, every one of mine and my husband's procedures have been flawless: consultation, surgery, post op. Dr. Azzi is truly in a league of his own; an artist. Thank you Dr. Azzi for turning back the hands of time, and giving me an outside that matches my inside!”


“My wife Grace just had a procedure done by Dr.Azzi. She said he did a fantastic job. He is very personable, friendly and she would recommend him very strongly to anyone who wants facial surgery.”


I was a little nervous going forward and I tend to be a person with high expectations. AND especially when it comes to your appearance. I couldn’t have asked for more. The results were astounding, I have absolutely no complaints. My daughters have seen photos and say 'unbelievable, 10 years off my face.' Much less invasive than I imagined. Thank you, Dr. Azzi. I am extremely pleased!


“I had mohs surgery on the front top of my head the size of a quarter...I thought I was going to be shaved or have a bald spot but Dr. Azzi was able to close it and I was able to KEEP my hair. This could have been a challenge as I have long hair and wear it in a ponytail. Dr. Azzi is a very skilled surgeon and I would highly recommend him to my friends and family!!!


“Dr. Azzi is a wonderful and extremely skilled surgeon. During a very difficult time for me Dr. Azzi showed compassion and kindness which is rare to see today. He was able to perform a delicate procedure with results I am very happy with. The office staff are also kind and considerate, always willing to assist.”


“Excellent!!!! Dr. Azzi is a genius. He probably saved my life in the process of saving my nose which he beautifully rebuilt. When I came to Dr. Azzi, most of the lower part of my nose had been removed by mohs surgery. Dr. Azzi salvaged my basic nose structure and gave me back my 'original' very pretty nose. In fact, a dear friend says she likes it better!”


1000% happy with my lip injection. My husband wasn't on board, but he does think they look pretty! Dr Azzi is awesome.”


“I saw Dr. Azzi after having a MOHS procedure to remove skin cancer on my face. He was amazing and made me feel confident that with some healing time everything would look normal again, and it would heal perfectly! At my follow-ups, he listened to my concerns, and treated me with wonderful care and understanding. I still have some healing to do, but his skills are like magic, and one day soon I won't even know I had skin cancer in that spot. Thank you to Dr Azzi and his staff for their talent, compassion and true caring of their patients!!!

-L. Ann

Forget the rest when you’ve found the best!! This is how I felt when I was referred to Dr. Azzi. After having Mohs surgery on my forehead, I was scared and skeptical as to what I would look like with a big scar on my face. Immediately after my surgery, I was sent to this plastic surgeon who was gracious enough to accommodate me that same day. He explained to me what he was going to do with the utmost precision and professionalism. Confident and caring, I knew this was the right choice for me. A brilliant plastic surgeon I highly recommend!!!


“I was referred to Dr. Azzi from my Dermatologist,Dr. Kishor for a melanoma procedure on my cheek. Dr. Azzi and the four visits from my slow mohs procedure to healing have been both comforting and reassuring. Dr. Azzi is tops in his profession, a gifted surgeon, as well as a warm and heartening Doctor. His office and staff are inviting and I am very pleased with my outcome and the care I received. Thank you, Dr.Azzi.”


“The moment you walk in the door you feel at ease. The entire staff is so helpful and Dr. Azzi is simply the best! He has a very calming demeanor and his work speaks for itself. Absolute perfection! I had my earlobes reconstructed and they are perfect. I highly recommend anyone considering any type of facial plastic surgery to meet with him first.”


“After Mohs surgery I was left with a huge hole in my nose. Dr. Azzi is a magician! My nose looks fabulous!


“The office staff was amazing! Extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. Jean-Paul is a gift to us all, great surgeon with excellent communication skills. Visiting this practice was a delight; appointments on time and he made me feel like I was the only patient in the place.


Dr did an amazing job, everyone is so nice and personable! I highly recommend!!!”


Dr. Azzi is Amazing!!! Extremely talented and professional! Bed side!! I recently underwent a rhinoplasty and took me several years to decide on the doctor. Reason being I didn’t want to look different, I wanted to be able to breathe and of course have a more straightend nose without fully changing my appearance. He's absolutely an artist and recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon that specializes in the face and truly listens to your wants and needs. Thank You, Dr. Azzi, I’m truly grateful!!”


“Dr. Azzi is truly a professional. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. He takes the time to get to know you, which is refreshing. His work is fantastic.”


“Helped me through a very scary time - with great results! I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma on my face, just under my eye on my cheekbone. Dr. Azzi clearly explained everything he was doing, why he placed incisions a certain way, etc. One year later, my scar is barely noticeable. Dr. Azzi is not only very talented, but very compassionate as well. I would recommend that anyone investigating facial plastic surgery speak to Dr. Azzi - you won't be disappointed!”


“What could have been a horrible experience turned into a pleasant one due to the kind and professional staff and especially the expertise of Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi. I found him to be very caring and faced with an unusual dilemma, he was able to remedy the situation with ease and almost no discomfort to me. The results are amazing; the before and after pictures tell the story. I am very grateful for his knowledge and fast thinking. Would recommend him and his office highly.”


“After some weight loss and turning 70, I decided it was time to do something about my sagging jowls and neck. Five weeks ago I had a deep-plane facelift and neck lift performed by the superbly skilled and talented facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jean Paul Azzi, and I am over-the-moon happy with the beautiful natural-looking results. As Dr. Azzi had previously stitched my face after a MOHS procedure, I knew he was the surgeon I would choose for this very important task. I was also impressed with his honesty about what I needed done surgery-wise and what I did not need done. I followed Dr. Azzi's postop instructions and the healing process has been quick and painless. A little soreness at the incision site which shortly subsided. Two weeks after the surgery I went out to dinner with my husband and friends and was mostly back to my normal routine. Most important of all was that this cutting-edge procedure was done without General Anesthesia (which in the past made me very sick and nauseous). Dr. Azzi used numbing agents plus a little valium and I drifted off into a pleasant twilight sleep after which I awoke to a younger (and prettier) version of myself. Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention his lovely office and gracious accommodating staff. Thank you Dr. Azzi!”


Fantastic surgeon, no scars, can’t even tell I had a facelift."”


Dr. Azzi is very gifted and one of the best plastic surgeons by far!!! He did fillers under my eyes (not easy to do) like it was nothing! Made the experience easy and fun, while achieving excellent results (NO MORE UNDER EYE BAGS!). He is also a super nice guy and makes you feel like a million bucks! His office is gorgeous, staff extremely nice, and very considerate of time. Definitely going back and recommending him to family and friends!”


Best Dr in the WORLD! I recommend Dr. Azzi to everyone I know, he did my eyelids; absolutely no scars and he did my mother's facelift (aka) younger sister now! Now we get our botox for maintenance and we love it! I highly recommend him, he is wonderful! Thank you Dr. Azzi.”


“I can’t say enough about Dr. Azzi! He is FANTASTIC! Smart, knowledgeable, kind, patient, easy to talk to...the list goes on. He listens to your concerns and spends time answering your questions. He won’t suggest you do something you’re not ready for or don’t need and his work is always natural, not overdone. It seems that almost every doctor is offering Botox these days, but Dr. Azzi is a true artist! He has an incredible gift and he is the only person I would ever trust with my face. His office is clean and his staff is wonderful! I HIGHLY recommend him if you want only the BEST!”


Brilliant surgeon. An artist. Repaired both my nose and my ear from Mhos surgery (large removal areas) and they look great.”


“I sincerely think that Dr. Azzi should rename the 'facelift.' Dr. Azzi, you have given me a 'Life Lift.' 7 weeks ago I followed the recommended procedures that he suggested. It has changed my life. I used a lot of my savings, but the price was no more than others. I do not regret it. I have lost 10 pounds and I dress nicely like I used to in my 30s. I no longer dodge people in the grocery store. I actually walk up to them and start a conversation. All of the jewelry I used to wear has 'come out of the closet.' I am not drop-dead gorgeous, I never have been. But I have been attractive in my younger years, and I feel like I am again. Trust him to do whatever he recommends. You will find him to be honest and caring. He was gentle during the procedures, and it was not bad. I had 5 different procedures at one time. I thank my daughter so much for referring me to you. You and your lovely wife will always hold a special place in my heart. I know you really care! BTW, my sister just finished a few procedures with him and my 84-year-old mother wants to have more work done. She says, 'Why not?, seeing the change in my daughters has encouraged me that you are never too old to feel good about yourself.'


Dr. Azzi has an incredible gift. He took my hooded eyes, turkey neck, and droopy jowls and gave me a refreshed, younger face. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to go out in public with my new younger self. He knew exactly what to do to give me the results that I wanted. What an incredible doctor!”


“I have been going to Dr. Azzi for a few years. He was highly recommended to me. There are so many great things I can say about Dr. Azzi and his staff. First, the facility is welcoming, comfortable, and relaxing. The staff always smiles and are very friendly. Dr. Azzi has a great down to earth personality. He takes his time and listens to your wants. I have had lip injections done a few times. Each time is consistent and precise. Every single time I get amazing results. He is a very good doctor and I would give ten stars if I could. Highly recommend for fillers and any type of reconstructive surgery. Go check him out!!! The Best!!!


Dr. Azzi is 100% legit. Dr. Azzi takes his time, he thinks things through, gives you all the options available. I have used him myself and recommended many others and will continue to. His work is fantastic, he follows up, great to know there is still professionals like this around. No arrogance to him at all. Overall phenomenal doctor and gentlemen.


“I found Dr. Azzi very professional and extremely caring. He is very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time explaining his procedures in detail. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend going to him for a consultation. His staff was pleasant and wonderful...I was also impressed with the cleanliness of the office.”


Dr Azzi does fantastic job on my face!!! I had Botox and fillers, amazing never have any bruises on my face he does an excellent job!”


“Dr. Azzi is a wonderful and extremely knowledgeable doctor, with a great bedside manner. Takes his time with you and knew exactly what I needed to look more refreshed. Very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Azzi. Would also like to mention the office staff, very friendly and accommodating.”


“The environment was quite pleasant and accommodating.
The doctor was pleasant and easy to talk to. I went in for a consultation and ended up having a procedure done.”


“I had the pleasure of seeing Dr.Azzi. He is a fantastic doctor. I have seen him 3 times so far and each time is a fantastic result. I would recommend Dr. Azzi.”


“Dr. Azzi strives for natural... what we all want!”


Dr. Jean Paul Azzi is the only doctor that I trust for my facial fillers. Dr. Azzi is very patient as he explains in detail about the fillers to be used before the final procedure which was completely pain free. I must mention that I did see another dermatologist before finding Dr. Jean Paul Azzi and the other physician did not produce any type of results. I was extremely satisfied with my amazing results within 2 days by Dr. Azzi. Very professional, patient, kind and obviously takes pride in producing great results. He's my go to physician for looking my best.”


“Dr. Azzi came highly recommended by my doctor in New York, but when I first moved to Florida 3 years ago I never realized how great he would be. He explains in detail what you need and makes recommendations regarding what's best for you as the patient. The Botox and Restylane injections look fantastic, and the prices are very reasonable. He is also a very nice man who is easy to talk to. I highly recommend Dr. Azzi if you want to look your best!”


“Dr. Azzi is awesome! I'm very happy with the results. He will explain you everything and will answer all your questions. His office staff is amazing!!”


“Great environment and extremely friendly. Staff does a great job at making you feel comfortable.”


I'm very pleased with the Botox treatment I received from Dr. Azzi. I have had so many bad experiences with other places I've gone for Botox but will definitely continue to go to Dr. Azzi”


“I highly recommend Dr. Azzi. A couple of months ago, I started looking for a plastic surgeon who would repair my deviated septum, help alleviate my sinus issues and refine my nose. I didn't want a big change, I just wanted a small improvement. From the very first consultation, Dr. Azzi made me feel at ease. He is funny, candid, professional and has a good eye. Even though it took me a couple of weeks to really think it through, I knew I wanted Dr. Azzi to perform the procedure and I canceled all consultations I had scheduled with other facial plastic surgeons. The surgery went seamless with hardly any bleeding or inflammation and I am very happy with the results. I can breathe better and I look like an improved version of myself!


“If you are looking for a talented, precise, personable, understanding, caring, no pain plastic surgeon whom you can trust and is super nice, go see Dr. Azzi. I have been extremely thrilled with the ease and results of my procedures that I had done right in his office. He and his staff are very caring, warm welcoming and feel like family to me.”


“Dr. Azzi is fantastic and out of this world! I could not be happier with him, I would recommend him highly!”


“Dr. was excellent. Procedure was painless. Everyone in the office was friendly and knowledgeable.


“I moved to FL 2 years ago. I went to a couple of Dermatologist offices and was totally unhappy with the procedure. I researched Dr. Azzi and have now been his patient for quite some time. He is absolutely amazing. He will not do a procedure if he feels I do not need it, which is great. He is a must Dr. to have, ladies....”


“To preface- I have lived in Winter Park, LA and Chicago and interacted with plastic surgeons in all of these cities. I have never been so confident in one's ability to ensure a positive experience and achieve the desired cosmetic outcome as I am in Dr. Azzi and his staff. My personal experiences there so far have consisted of a lip lift and Botox injections for crows feet and his technique to lift the brows. After having lip injections and not achieving the desired outcome at previous offices, I saw Dr. Azzi who educated me on a more effective procedure and clearly explained the process and expectations as well as rationale behind lifting as opposed to merely filling the upper lip. Of course every case is different but for me it was the best option and I am very pleased with the results. You will never feel rushed in his offices, it's not chaotic or bursting with adds and pamphlets on a million products and injectables, (which ultimately confuses most people I believe). The bottom line is, if you're going to trust someone to cut your face, make sure they specialize in that part of the body. You should never have the same doctor do your breast implants and rhinoplasty...Dr. Azzi would be the same surgeon I would want if I had some injury requiring reconstruction of my face. If you're reading this review you can stop're welcome lol :)”


Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi is the Best facial plastic surgeon in South Florida! He is a brilliant artist who masters restoring youthful appearances. I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Azzi. The Office Staff is Wonderful too!”




“Dr. Azzi is the absolute best! He's an incredibly gifted doctor who also takes the time to listen to patient's concerns. His gentle bedside manner is an excellent complement to years of specialized experience, and his superb attention to detail produces the most natural, fresh-looking, beautiful results.”


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