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HIPAA Privacy Policy

This website and The Palm Beach Center of Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery will adhere to all legal privacy requirements, as well as make every effort possible to assure the privacy of information submitted to this website or contained in any of our patient files.


We have systems in place to protect this website from those that would seek to obtain information from it.


It you are on our mailing list please be assured that we will not share our mailing list, including your e-mail address, under any circumstances with third parties.


We will not intentionally use identifying information about that you may have submitted to this website and any private information, including photographs or text that you send to us, will not be posted on the website.


We will use general information supplied by you as part of our goal of answering questions or providing general advice.


To the extent that we conduct surveys, they will be done on an anonymous basis and used in a summary form without identifiers.


Electronic enhancements such as cookies, IP addresses, and the ability to send portions of our website to a friend will be handled in a way that will assure your confidentiality. We pledge to you that we will not use personal information about you in any way that will allow it to be obtained by others.


We accept and agree to all state and federal laws relating to the confidentiality of information provided by our patients and agree that personal information supplied to us by non-patients will be treated in a confidential manner as well.

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