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Revision Lip Lift _ Removal of Lip Fillers

The procedures and techniques for lip enhancement including lip fillers and lip lift surgery are very specialized and require sub-specialty facial plastic surgery expertise. Jean-Paul Azzi, MD is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon based out of Palm Beach County in South Florida.


Injecting filler such as Juvederm, Resylane or Belotero into the lips can look very unnatural unless done properly. Another reason these fillers in the lips can look unnatural is that volume loss was incorrectly diagnosed as the aging issue. Dr. Azzi is an expert in the aging face and evaluates each patient's individual anatomy to determine the most natural course of treatment.

Jupiter & Palm Beach, Florida 

Revision Lip Lift & Lip Augmentation/ Removal of Lip Fillers & Silicone

If a patient has had a lip filler and is unhappy, there are many options. The most common reasons for unacceptable lip enhancement is an asymmetry or over-correction. Oftentimes, this can be fixed with an enzyme called hyaluronidase, and the filler can be redone a number of days later.


In other cases, silicone has been injected into the lips. This product should not be used for filling lips and is permanent. In these cases, I may have to surgically excise the filler and also possible granulomas or small bumps that have formed around the injected material. These incisions can almost always be made inside the lip so there are no visible scars, and the procedure is always done right in the office without the need for general anesthesia." - Dr. Azzi

Similarly, an infected or shifting implant in the lips such as Goretex, silicone or fat grafts can cause cosmetic issues. In these cases, Dr. Azzi will surgically remove the material in the office and determine the best way to improve the lip's appearance after healing has occurred.

Many patients come to see Dr. Azzi because they have filler with their plastic surgeon or dermatologist and simply don't feel there was enough improvement. Many times, after close evaluation, Dr. Azzi will determine the reason is that more volume was not necessary and that lifting the lip or a liplift would be a more natural and permanent course of action. As people age, the lip naturally lengthens. This increase in distance from the bottom of the nose to the vermillion or pink part of the lip can make proportions not match. This is caused by gravity and must be corrected with a gravity solution. Dr. Azzi has developed a special technique - a lip lift - to shorten this distance with hidden incisions right in the office with the patient awake. This is a beautiful and natural way to permanently enhance and improve the appearance of the lip.


A revision lip lift, unfortunately, is a very common procedure Dr. Azzi performs for people from all over the country. His Palm Beach office is located close to Palm Beach International Airport, which makes travel convenient. During a revision lip lift, the previous scar is revised and the deep structures of the lip are suspended to allow for correction of the previous lip lift. Before the lip lift is performed, the doctor will discuss the desired amount of lip lift the patient prefers in the mirror and all measurements are made to the millimeter before anything is done. This ensures symmetry and a beautiful and natural result to the lip lift.

We invite you to come in for a revision lip augmentation consultation with Dr. Azzi. He will take time to understand your goals, explain what he intends to achieve and how he plans to achieve it. Contact us below to schedule a consultation.

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