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Florida Cracks Down on Dangerous Plastic Surgery Centers

Plastic surgery nightmares happen more often than anyone would like to admit. As consumers, you hear “board certified,” or “double board certified” and understand, to an extent, that this holds value. Unfortunately, only few comprehend the importance. Year after year there are more and more deaths reported in Florida’s cosmetic surgery clinics, but the state has officially had enough. State lawmakers recently approved sweeping legislation that calls for some of the nation’s strictest controls the plastic surgery industry has ever seen.

This new law, if it makes it past the next step, would allow the state of Florida to punish plastic surgery facilities deemed dangerous and even grant the power to shut down repeat offenders. For years, there hasn’t been legislation that really protected Florida’s citizens from these facilities that, in many cases, are being funded by private investors preying on women who are looking for cheap and discounted cosmetic procedures.

Crystal Call is someone who has, unfortunately, experienced one of these bad experiences firsthand when her mother was found in a locked recovery room almost bleeding to death after a “simple” surgery in a Miami office. Call says this type of legislation is long overdue and feels that it is extremely unfortunate that so many people had to get hurt or die for something like this to be put into place.

To Call’s point, though – Why now? Well, the effort to strengthen the law began just months after an investigation was published by USA TODAY that showed eight women died after procedures at a plastic surgery business owned by a single doctor. A second story revealed the state unsuccessfully tried to pass legislation four times that would have cracked down on these types of centers. This story also revealed that felony offenders opened their own facilities without any kind of state or federal background screening. Thirteen women died in these aforementioned “businesses.”

Interestingly enough, a majority of patients who lost their lives at these facilities were part of minority groups (African American or Hispanic women). These are the same ethnicities singled out in the clinics’ advertising.

Miami Republican, Senator Anitere Flores, decided it was time for a change. It was time to stop the deaths and regulate the industry and protect people from these vultures who were looking for fast cash at any expense.

While the state is beginning to take the steps necessary to prevent these horrible issues from happening, the best thing consumers seeking cosmetic procedures can do is be educated and well informed. Understand there is no such thing as a “cheap” cosmetic procedure and ensure there is an understanding of what the doctor specializes in and if their bedside manor fits your expectation.

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