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Are You Photo Ready?

Are you photo ready?

As much as we absolutely adore the holidays, it seems that there’s a sense of apprehension that comes along with the jolliest time of the year. Holidays are synonymous with family, friends, lots of food, lots of good times and presents! Of course, it wouldn’t be the holiday time without lots and lots of pictures.

Taking pictures can be a lot of fun when you’re feeling really great about how you look, but with any sense of self-conscious thoughts, a beautiful snapshot in time can be something that acts as a constant reminder of a time when you weren’t happy with yourself. When it comes to seeing yourself in a picture, there are four main areas of the face that are called out as being areas that make people the most self-conscious. Let’s assess the picture.

First, let’s start at the top of picture with the eyes. A picture is worth a thousand words, and crow’s feet can make you look a thousand years old. Crow’s feet are wrinkles at the corner of the outer eyes. These can be caused by a multitude of things, including but not limited to UV exposure and the loss of collagen and elasticity that comes with aging. While these can get more pronounced as time goes by, this is one of the easier effects of aging to remedy. A little bit of Botox or Xeomin can go a long way in this area of the face. It takes less than one minute per eye and the results are remarkable.

Moving down a little on the picture, we come to the cheeks. When we’re young, our skin is very elastic and our cheeks sit very high on our face. Over time though, the skin loses elasticity and can appear droopy. Many people say this is all they can see when they look at images of themselves. This can be helped in a few different ways. The first factor that determines how to treat this area is how saggy the skin is. If the skin is extremely saggy and you’re experiencing drooping by the chin and neck, a facelift or a mini facelift may be your best bet. If the sagging isn’t that dramatic, a cheek implant could be best for you, and if you’re just lacking a little bit of elasticity, an injectable filler might be all you need.

Now, let’s check out the smile. Some people feel that when they smile in pictures, their lips don’t look as good as when they are just closed naturally. Let’s be real…who doesn’t want fuller lips? A fuller pout truly has the power to transform your entire look, and having that showcased in a picture is a recipe for a fabulous picture. A plumper pout is an easy fix. Depending on your age and individual lip shape, a little filler could do the trick. If you want a permanent solution to fuller lips, a lip lift is the way to go. This procedure has a lifetime impact on your lips and aims to reduce the space from the nose to the lip.

Finally, at the bottom of the picture under the smile is the neck, and I think we all secretly wish most pictures would us off at the neck. The skin on the neck is dramatically different than the skin on any other area of the body and it even ages differently than the rest of your skin. Many men and women claim they’re self-conscious of their neck because it is wrinkly and beginning to lose elasticity. A neck lift, however, can solve these issues with simple incisions. This is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat around the jaw line, ultimately creating a younger appearance by defining the jawline.

Whatever you’re self-conscious about, make it a goal to get it taken care of this holiday season. Don’t try to hide in the back of pictures or dread time with your family and friends that should just be fun.

In South Florida, Doctor Jean-Paul Azzi is THE go-to facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is double-board certified and uses the most advanced techniques in the field.

Our beautiful offices are conveniently located in Jupiter and Palm City, Florida. We serve patients in the following South Florida areas and beyond: Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Tequesta, Hobe Sound, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach and Vero Beach.

Each of these offices provide every patient with individual and personalized care. If you’re not sure what stage you’re in or whether a procedure is the best next step, call or click today for a consultation! (561) 429-5403

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