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BROTOX: Botox For Men

Attention guys: Botox is not just for women.

While this might seem like an obvious statement, Botox is often associated with women more than men. This might be because women are more open about wanting to improve their appearance as they age.

Men aren’t immune to the signs of aging, though. And yes, while the signs of aging might be deemed distinguishing on some, wrinkles, frown lines and droopy brows don’t always fall into that category.

Brotox, do your thing.

Don’t be fooled by the catchy, punny name.

Brotox = Bro Botox, or Botox for men.

Brotox is the exact same procedure and neurotoxin as Botox and it’s administered as an injectable, just like it is for women.

Although the psychological impacts of aging differ from gender to gender, the physical signs of aging tend to bother both genders similarly. Crow’s feet, forehead creases and frown lines have the ability to change the way your face looks – they can make you appear tired or frowny-faced.

It doesn’t have to stay that way, though. Your face should match the way you feel inside.

At The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery, Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi and his team strive to provide patients with the most natural looking results. Dr. Azzi is an expert in cosmetic surgery, specializing exclusively in the face, nose and neck.

He is double board certified and travels all over the world helping those in need and has also authored chapters in plastic surgery textbooks. His focus is always the patient and the look they’re striving for.

If you are considering any type of procedure, Dr. Azzi of The Palm Beach Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery can discuss the benefits and risks with you in great detail. With offices located in Jupiter and Palm City, Florida, he’s known as one of the top plastic surgeons in Florida, and he has patients travel from all over the country for his specialized procedures.

Call us for a complimentary virtual or in-person consultation at (561) 429-5403 or click here to contact us online.

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