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Skin Type & Ethnicity: How They Relate To Cosmetic Surgery

We are all unique in the most beautiful ways. From the length of our eyelashes to the tone of our skin, the variables that make each of us different from one another are also what make us who we are as people. The structure of your bones and the placement of your features make you look like you.

Ethnicity actually largely determines skin type, which largely defines how a doctor decides to move forward and what procedural recommendations they make.

When it comes to different ethnicities and skin types, each combination has its own unique pros and cons, especially in cosmetic surgery. Skin type, depending on what it is you are trying to achieve and what procedure you opt for, might work in your favor or not in your favor. For instance, Asians generally show later signs of aging than Anglo-Saxons, but tend to develop thicker scars and take longer to heal. Skin type influences the longevity of procedures as well.

Skin can also be described by more than just color. Skin thickness is another skin descriptor that plays an important factor when considering cosmetic procedures for the face. This is an indicator of how difficult the skin is to lift and different ethnicities have different levels of skin thickness across their bodies. Thickness of the skin typically varies from 0.5mm thick on the eyelids to 4.0mm thick on the heels of the feet (averages).

Skin type can also impact the color of a scar. Genetic scar tendencies have to be taken into consideration when it comes to the healing process as color and texture will vary based on a person’s dermis. Different skin pigmentations heal differently in regard to the color and the texture.

Ethnicity and race also play a part in how risky a procedure can be for a person. There are clearly identifiable trends within data that directly correlates certain races to higher risk levels for different kinds of cosmetic procedures. The data identifies trends in adverse reactions to procedures, as well trends in postoperative reactions.

Doctor Jean-Paul Azzi recognizes just how important understanding skin type is to successfully addressing a patient’s concerns. This is why he carefully considers ethnic background and skin type when working to determine what will be best for the patient. Consulting with someone who is experienced and board certified before undergoing any type of procedure is always in your best interest.

If you have questions about how your skin type or ethnic background might influence results of plastic or cosmetic surgery, it is best to consult an expert like Dr. Azzi.

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