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What is a Lip Lift?

As we age, the skin between the nose and upper lip lengthens and the upper lip gradually becomes thinner. Using fillers to treat this condition can look unnatural since the actual problem is the extra skin between the lips and the nose. During an upper lip lift, a facial plastic surgeon removes the excess skin by creating a small incision hidden at the base of the nose in the natural crease. By shortening the distance from the nose to the lip, the upper lip is brought upward and rolled out. The result is fuller lips and improved facial proportions. It is a subtle procedure, yet elegant solution.

In the past, there have been lots of problems with procedures for lifting the upper lip. Unsightly scarring, poorly defined lip border, little definition and a never-ending need for makeup to name a few. Fortunately, new modifications have been made and this is now a truly striking procedure.

What can I expect from Dr. Azzi’s Lip Lift?

Dr. Azzi utilizes a cutting edge technique of lip lifting that eliminates all of the issues listed above. This procedure is performed right in Dr. Azzi’s office and takes only 30 minutes. The patient remains awake; local anesthesia is used and the numbing process is nothing more than a tiny pinch. Patients love this simple solution because of the quick procedure, great results, and the minimal to no fillers needed after the procedure.

Below are a few patients who underwent a Modified Upper Lip Lift procedure. The goal was to show more upper lip with slight tooth show. The “After” photos were taken 10 days after surgery.

Lip Lift Dr. Azzi Jupiter Florida
Lip Lift South Florida
Lip Lift Palm Beach
Lip Lift Jupiter

Is a lip lift right for you?

When performed on older patients, a lip lift helps restore lost lip volume to provide a more youthful facial balance by giving the lip area a lifted, fuller look. It can also help improve lipstick bleed lines. In younger patients, a lip lift is a permanent way to obtain fuller, more voluptuous lips without the use of temporary fillers.

Schedule a Consultation

We invite you to schedule a complimentary lip lift consultation with Dr. Azzi at The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Azzi will take the time to understand your goals and explain which technique best suits your goals and lip area. He will also explain what can be realistically achieved with a lip lift.

Click here to contact our office or call (561) 429-5403. Our beautiful offices are conveniently located in Jupiter and Palm City, Florida. We serve patients in the following South Florida areas and beyond: Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Tequesta, Hobe Sound, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach and Vero Beach. Live somewhere else? No problem, click here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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