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Cheek Fillers 101

Bone structure isn’t forever. Your 14 facial bones lose density in the same way other bones do, which means beauty really is more than skin deep. As you age, your bones actually shrink which is what really causes the face to appear different over time.

A youthful appearance is often associated with plump, high cheeks. As you age, the fullness in your cheeks dwindles due to structural shifts and a loss of elasticity in the skin. Fat tends to wither away and thus, drooping begins to happen.

Dr. Jean-Paul Azzi, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in South Florida, loves to use fillers to create a more youthful and heart-shaped face.

For this reason, one of his favorite places to add volume using fillers is the cheek.

Cheek filler adds volume of the area just above and around the cheekbones to provide the illusion of a more defined bone structure. The purpose of the injectable is to plump up the area and potentially smooth out any wrinkles and fine lines.

Dr. Azzi said, “Cheek filler helps treat the aging face by making the cheekbones the most lateral or widest part of the face. This, combined with a high brow naturally or from a Botox ‘liquid brow lift’ or surgical brow lift and a smooth jawline create a beautiful and feminine heart-shape.”

Dr. Azzi prefers a thick and long-lasting injectable filler or fat-grafting for this area to create a natural result. His favorites include Radiesse, Versa, Juvederm, and Restylane.

Recovery for cheek fillers is very quick. Most people are able to carry out their regular routine directly following the procedure, with minor bruising, if any.

Results generally last for six months to two years depending on the person and the type of filler used.

One of the most important things when considering cheek filler is finding a doctor that understands the face and how important symmetry is. Doctor Azzi approaches each patient consultation with an open mind and a desire to understand the needs of the patient. He knows that understanding the patient’s desired results helps him understand if a certain procedure, like a cheek filler, will really be impactful.

With offices conveniently located in Jupiter and Palm City, Florida, Dr. Azzi and his staff serve patients in the following South Florida areas and beyond: Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Tequesta, Hobe Sound, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach and Vero Beach.

Our offices provide each and every patient with tailored and personalized care with the greatest attention to detail. To schedule an appointment, please call (561) 429-5403 or contact us online by clicking here.

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